A light rain was falling as i rang the door bell for my last shoot of the day. I could see the homeowner through the storm door walking from the kitchen, drying her hands on a kitchen towel. As she approached the front door to greet me, the sky opened up. Her cheerful expression as she opened the door was welcome as I quickly entered and set my tripod down and two lightstands with attached strobes. I knew the storm would be rolling in quickly and I was prepared to start work immediately. I quickly explained the process to the homeowner as I have 100's of times. "I'll start upstairs and work my way down. Lights on, ceiling fans and TV's off please"

 It was at that moment the homeowner's cheerful smile appeared more like terror. And she asked me "who are you!?!". Yep......I was at the wrong house. Tell me your most awkward moment?

AuthorIrving Harris