Professional Home Photography

The Facts - Data is Beautiful



If you feel that hiring a professional to photograph your listings is not needed, I present to you the facts.

  • It builds your brand. Photographs are the first emotional connection to a potential buyer and sellers are acutely aware of how their "home" is being represented by you.
  • The 3 second rule. 92% of home buyers are using the internet to begin their search. You have 3 seconds to grab their attention. How will you grab their attention? Professional photographs. In fact professional photography garners 61% more views. Home sellers appreciate this fact.
  • 85% of home buyers want to see professional photographs.
  • Potential buyers spend 60% of their time looking at the photos, 20% on the property description and 20% on the agents description.
  • It sells homes & for more money. High quality photography of homes garner a 47% higher asking price per square foot. That $300K listing with professional photography sold for $3145 more than the non-professional photographs.

Need more facts? Google the following question  "Does professional photography help sell homes?"