Price   Product   Promotion

The 3 criteria for selling a home is Price, Product and Promotion.

The Price

Your listing clients will depend upon your expertise to develop a price that is fair and competitive for the market conditions. CMA's will help you determine this value and will be weighed upon your clients unique timeline for selling their home. This as you know can be a challenge at times. Yet, this is the first criteria that potential buyers will use when searching the internet for their next home.

The Product

Location of home is sure to be important-followed by number of rooms-style of home etc. This is the one criteria that you will have little control over. If a clients needs a four bedroom home, then that is what they need.

The Promotion

This criteria is your responsibility. It's all you. 

92% of home buyers now start their search for a new home via the internet and home sellers are going to form opinions based upon your promotion of properties via these same internet searches. That sentence may be worth reading again.

Data is beautiful. Click the link for the facts.