Does professional photography help sell homes.

People make purchases for emotional reasons

I'm a visual storyteller


When I photograph a home it is much more than a factual representation of a space. In the forefront of my mind is the desire to tell a story through home photography. I want people to feel, to desire.


Your listing may have contacted you via a referral and have analyzed your service or experience, but in the end it is "feelings" that motivate them to do business with you or not. Do they like you? Do they feel you are invested in their decision to list their home with you? Will  you represent them in the best possible way? 

The data is undeniable. Professional photography will be advantageous to; the seller, the buyer and most of all YOU!

Every home I photograph comes with a shareable multimedia presentation set to music with a link. This link could direct them to your website, a tour or your email. There is no additional charge for this service.